Development Status

This table shows the current status and the scheduled working steps. (*)

Feature Status Date
[Content] Allow Users to conquest and create their own Starports, Spaceships and Cities. Scheduled TBD
[Content] New Space Objects: Quasar, Galaxies, Black Holes, Comets. Scheduled TBD
[Graphics] Improvements Scheduled TBD
[Gameplay] Improvements Scheduled TBD
[Porting] Android OS Scheduled TBD
[Content] Improve Cities Scheduled TBD
[Peripherals] Oculus Rift/HTC Vive Support Scheduled TBD
[Release] Beta (iOS,MacOSX,Windows) Scheduled TBD
[Gameplay] Trade Scheduled TBD
[Release] Alpha (iOS) Scheduled TBD
[Release] Alpha (Windows, MacOSX) Scheduled TBD
[Modeling] Assets (Avatars) Scheduled TBD
[3D Engine] Oceans Scheduled 2024
[3D Engine] Instanced Asteroids Scheduled 2024
[Modeling] Assets: Spaceships/Stations Scheduled 2024
[Gameplay] Lua Scripting: Missions Scheduled 2024
[AI] Talking, Docking Scheduled 2024
[Milestone] Video: Deaparting from Earth, Moon Flyby and Interstellar Travel Work in progress Early 2024
[Modeling] Earth Like Planets Modeling Completed Late 2023
[Modeling] Planetary Rendering Improvements Completed Mid 2023
[Modeling] Assets (Trees/Rocks) Completed Late 2022
[Graphics] HDR and Bloom Completed Mid 2022
[Milestone] Video with 3d Clouds Completed Early 2022
[3D Engine] 3D Clouds Completed Late 2021
[3D Engine] Planetary Elements Support (Trees/Rocks/Buildings etc.) Completed Early 2021
[Graphics] Improved Shadows (Planetary Elements/Clouds/Terrain Self Shadow) Completed Late 2019
[3D Engine] Planets Graphics Improvements with Texture Arrays Completed Late 2018
[3D Engine] Planetary Generation Speed and Memory Improvements Completed Mid 2018
[3D Engine] Graphics Routine Abstraction for future Vulkan and Metal support Completed Early 2018
[Graphics] HDR Rendering Completed Late 2017
[Graphics] Gamma Correction Completed Late 2017
[3D Engine] Multithreading Completed Late 2017
[Boring Stuff] Project Name Changed Completed Late 2017
[3D Engine] Craters Completed Mid 2017
[3D Engine] Memory Manager Completed Mid 2017
[Graphics] Missiles Trails Completed Early 2017
[Graphics] Cascaded Shadows Completed Early 2017
[Graphics] OpenGL Instancing Completed Early 2017
[Graphics] OpenGL ES 3.0 Porting Completed Early 2017
[Porting] Windows Completed Late 2016
[Modeling] Assets (Cockpits/Spaceships) Completed Late 2016
[AI] Reaching a Target, Wandering Completed Mid 2016
[3D Engine] Lua Support Completed Mid 2016
[AI] Atmospheric Dogfight Completed Mid 2016
[AI] Space Dogfight Completed Early 2016
[AI] Follow, Escape, Destroy Completed Early 2016
[Graphics] Improved Shadows, Lighting and Particle Effects Completed Early 2016
[Physics] Wind and Turbolence Completed Late 2015
[Graphics] Fog and Haze Completed Mid 2015
[GUI] Main Menu and Peripherals, Sound and Graphics Configuration Screen Completed Early 2015
[Content] Exoplanets Completed Late 2014
[Web] This website ;) Completed Late 2014
[Graphics] Asteroids Procedural Rendering Completed Mid 2014
[Modeling] Cockpit Completed Mid 2014
[Graphics] On Screen Display Rendering Completed Mid 2014
[Peripherals] Joystick Support (MacOSX) Completed Early 2014
[3D Engine] Particle Effects Support: Explosions, Dust, Collisions Completed Early 2014
[Graphics] Planet Terrain improvements Completed Late 2013
[Graphics] Planetary Rings Completed Mid 2013
[Physics] Atmospheric Effects: Drag and Lift Completed Early 2013
[Physics] Collision Detection Completed Early 2013
[Graphics] Clouds Procedural Rendering Completed Early 2013
[Graphics] Planets Procedural Rendering Completed Mid 2012
[Graphics] Starfield Rendering Completed Late 2011
[Physics] Orbits Management Completed Late 2011
[Physics] Gravity Completed Late 2011
[Content] Space Stations Management Completed Mid 2011
[3D Engine] Multi Models Support Completed Mid 2011
[Peripherals] Keyboard [MacOSX] Completed Mid 2011
[Graphics] Basic Shaders and Graphics (MacOSX) Completed Mid 2011
[Graphics] Stars and Planets Rendering (Spheric models) Completed Mid 2011
[Peripherals] Touchscreen (iOS) Completed Mid 2011
[Graphics] Basic Shaders and Graphics (iOS) Completed Early 2011
[3D Engine] Basic Data Structure, no Spaghetti this time!! ;) Completed Early 2011
[3D Engine] Main Idea. First Spaghetti coded Planetary routines. Completed 1999-2001

(*) Date are aproximative and can vary. Scheduled steps are not mandatory and can be modified without previous notice.

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