Frequently asked questions

When does it come out?

This is a project currently in development, you can keep track of the progress through this page

Which platforms will it run on?

Currently this video game is being developed for Windows, iOS and MacOSX. Portings to Android is also scheduled. Please visit this page for more information.

Will it support Oculus Rift or Vive?

Yes I love VR! I will do my best possible to support all the VR devices after the first release.

Where did you get the models and the music?

Currently I use Royalty Free resources for models/audio. The 3d models are partially modified to fit the custom engine needs. More info on credits and copyrights on: credits.html

Are you using any third party 3d Engine? Which programming language are you using?

I am not using any third party 3d engine. This videogame is made entirely in C++, OpenGL and LUA.

How did you develop it all by yourself?

No tricks, it's all mostly about the passion that I have for the space simulators and perseverance: days and nights of hard work for years :)

How long did it take, how many hours do you work on it?

This game has been in development since January 2011, but the idea and the basic technology dates back to 2000 (see my old project Zetadeck). I currently work on it 50% of my working time. My main job is the development of software for analytical instruments.

Why do not you fund on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

For now I am busy developing the game and do not have time to support the stress of a campaign. To achieve a successful crowdfunding campaign it is needed a strong marketing strategy and constant dedication. For now, I'm not going to start a campaign but I could soon change idea on this ;)

How is this project compared to [masterpiece]?

This is an indie game being made by one developer with low budget so can't be at the moment compared with [masterpiece] :) This project will be mainly focused on seamless space and planets exploration and air to air combat.

The [other videogame] has better graphics than your game, please improve the graphics!

This is an evolving project and the graphics and gameplay will be improved with later versions. The priority now is to get out to ensure that the fans can play the simulator as soon as possible ;)

I am a developer and would like to use your 3d engine

My 3d engine is currently not meant to be used as a framework. Although it is possible that one day it will become also a framework.

This project is awesome, I would like to collaborate with my skills/art/music.

Thi is currently a low budget project and currently I do not have the finances to pay for other developers/artists/designers. In the meantime you can send your portfolio or any info you want to at gmail dot com. I'll evaluate it as soon as the project takes off. ;)

I love this project and want to help!

Ok :) If you want to help me out you can spread the word by sharing a link a news or a screenshots making aware of this project other space simulations fans ;)

I remember a different name/s of this project, why this project changed name?

This is a long story. This project changed name recently, I had some issues registering the previous name and I've lost a lot of time because of that name. Then I successfully registered the new name Univoyager that is the short form of "Universal Voyager" a word that well describe the main purpose of the game.

I want to become an Alpha / Beta tester

At the moment I am busy with the 3d engine development and a test version is not ready. If you want to know when an early access version will be available please subscribe to the facebook/twitter/youtube/instagram pages and click on the notification bell (where available) so to be instantly notified every time I post an update.

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